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Director Message

Welcome to the web page of Unique Academy. With our motto 'Perfection & Excellence' we believe that every child has the right to work in a calm, safe, secure, hygienic and playful environment. I think, education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a high profiled job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral & ethical values to guide and make our students morally upright citizens of the world.

We, at unique academy aim to build students who are committed to live with responsibility and learning with enthusiasm. The students are taught to study in an atmosphere of love & unity where each student places himself or herself as a member of one global family.

I expect all the parents to develop a respect and concern towards this unique environment of our Uniquites.

With best regards,

Karan Singh

The Management, Parents, Students and the Teaching Fraternity is a team and compliment each other's efforts. At Unique Academy the facilities, co-curricular activities and the academics mould the students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best. In order to do so, the school works towards inculcating certain values in the students in order to enrich their minds and also develop essential moral attributes like truthfulness, courtesy, love and trustworthiness in them.

We are always looking for new ways to invite parents in the life of our school and keep them informed about school's day to day activities. Our staff at Unique Academy is friendly, well coming, approachable and caring.

Our mission is simple, our objective is clear.... For every UNIQUITE to leave these walls better and brighter than they were when they arrived.

With regards,

Ginni Bhatia

<December 2020>

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