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Dr. Says

Breakfast is important

It is important to encourage breakfast. A good night’s sleep followed by food in the morning helps your child to stay active and concentrate at school. It also means your child is less likely to be too hungry during the morning and it can help with performance at school. Be a role model and let your child see you eat breakfast too. A bowl of cereal with milk and fresh or dry fruit is a great starter for the whole family.

Lunch box suggestions include:
  • Sandwich or buns with cheese or jam.
  • Poha with potato or peas.
  • Carrot Halwa.
  • Fresh or dried fruits.
  • Washed and cut raw vegetables.
  • Idli or Vada.
  • Aloo Puri.
  • Stuffed Paratha.
  • Oats porridge with vegetables.

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